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Bible Search Results Page

Once a search is made there are several features that are available to create a more dynamic experience. These features are explained below.

Spelling Mistakes
Spelling is auto-corrected to what is deemed the closest match to what was queried. When this happens you will receive a similar alert to the one pictured below.

Search Type Identification
The results page will clarify the type of search you submitted. There are three variant messages.
  • Viewing Dynamic (Thought for Thought) search results.
  • Viewing Literal, Tense Sensitive search results.
  • Viewing Literal, Tense Insensitive search results.

Default Translation Identification
Next you be notified which translation you specified as the default.

Example: All Bible passages, unless otherwise indicated, are from the NASB, which was selected as your default.

This can be change by clicking "Search Settings" and then changing the selection on the "View Results In" field.

Alternately, the default can be changed by selecting an alternate translation on the results page and clicking "View" to refresh the results.

Nave's Topical Bible
The results page then shows any Nave's results if any.

Once a search is completed, the results page gives you several actions you can perform on each Bible Verse result individually. Here is an outline of these options.

View entire Chapter
Use the picture above as our example, you would click on "1 Jo. 4" to view the entire chapter of First John chapter four.

Click this link to show the context of each verse result by showing you the previous two and next two verses as a complete paragraph.

Cross Reference
Click this link to show all cross references of similar Bible passages.

Translation References (1 through 7)
Then you will have seven additional reference translations that can be clicked to reference the verse result in that translation. These can be changed by clicking on "Search Settings."

When you click a reference translation, you can close the dialog box by clicking the "red X" at the upper right hand corner, or by re-clicking the translation reference link.

STRONGS References
When clicking on a Strong's reference you will see the Bible passage with a strong reference number follow the word it represents in the text.

You can close the dialog box by clicking the "red X" at the upper right hand corner, or by re-clicking the "STRONGS" reference link.

You can view the Strong's Definition and information on that Strong's reference, by clicking the reference link, such as "G2316".

More information on Strong's Concordance.

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